New site up! Mmmhh..."Beefy!"

2012-04-23 17:54:23 by SoS

+++ NEWS +++

We were not too happy with our old homepage...soooo we decided to punch some babys and get a new one done. Still rough on some edges but that will be different in no time!

Tell us what you think about it so far!

In other news...A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS!!! Hhnnnnmm.ppf--..ngaha..yaa....BEEEEEF!!?!=!"?
? BEEEEEEF!!!!! >:U

New site up! Mmmhh..."Beefy!"


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2012-04-23 19:04:12

New site DOWN.
lol, but Im sure it's amazing the last design was pretty good.

SoS responds:


Site is live! Your computer may be frozen or on fire! ;D


2012-04-23 19:12:34

Lookin' sleek.

Are the voice over demo reels no longer located on the page? Can't find 'em. :v

SoS responds:

We will add them again pretty soon as well as the SFX demo reels.


2012-04-24 04:18:38

Is looking good! Oo

SoS responds:

Thanks! :D


2012-04-24 08:00:39

The overly complicated dragon logo was much better than simply having pixellated style 3D text and cartoony dragon head logo. Overall too simple. From the title of your newspost, I thought the site would be "beefy". Where's the beef?

SoS responds:

Really? We thought it was too much, especially since we're a custom audio and not design company. :3 That's why we wanted it that "simple".

As for the "beef", see attached picture for reference...It's a kind of "hint". *hintedy hint hint*


2012-04-24 12:10:34

Site is down!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111one

SoS responds:

Jokes getting old! ;U


2012-04-24 15:41:47

Lol, site looks good!
Liking the color scheme!

SoS responds:

Glad you like it! :D