We are a group of NG centric freelance composers! All members have strong capability in their respective crafts, with lots of different styles, we have something for every medium. email or pm us for further details.

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SoS's News

Posted by SoS - July 6th, 2016


So a few days back, we've reached a huge personal milestone. 10.000 sales on audiojungle! ...Wow. Looking back, when our profile was just created with the idea to give people the opportunity to purchase some of our music for a very affordable price there, we didn't expect that it would turn out like this. Maybe a few sales here and there, sure but not this many. I mean, 10.000 is quite a number.

It's just very pleasing to know and see that our music has helped thousands of projects over the years and still continues to do so...

I hope that his can show and maybe encourage other music authors who are unsure what to do with their music, to get out in the field and try their hardest. If you work hard and got some talent, you WILL be noticed sooner or later!





Posted by SoS - August 26th, 2013

You know what to do! ;)

And if you like what you've heard, show some love and support this!

Now where did I put my assault riffle?


Posted by SoS - July 18th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds!

We're up against a fairly short deadline here, so I hope I can snag a few interested people to help us out. We're looking to commission voice actors to help furnish an online game with various sounds to give life to some avatars for an online kids game.

The game in question is www.poptropica.com. We've been very hard at work giving this game it's voice but right now we need to deal with one of the last bits, and that is the avatars themselves. We're looking for a Sims direction here where the sounds are more about expression then actual words. Like a "hnnnngg!" sound when they're pushing something heavy, a "woe is me D':!" sound when they're upset.

I'm looking for 3-4 primary voice actors (2 male, 2 female) and then a bunch of others for zombie sounds.

If you're interested, please contact me over at selcuk[ at]symphonyofspecters[ dot].com or pm here (though I prefer email so I can keep bookmarks on contact info) and we can get the ball rolling!

I need people who are immediately available. We have about 2-3 weeks to get this all wrapped up.

Let me know if I can answer any questions!

~ Selcuk

Posted by SoS - February 4th, 2013

Apart from Audiojungle we'll be submitting most of our new stock content to the recently opened game audio stock site - GameAudioHub.


A stock site especially for game music and game sound effects.

Find us there at

Symphony-of-Specters @ gameaudiohub

and check out our steady growing catalog of currently 240 submissions.

New Stock Audio Profile

Posted by SoS - January 14th, 2013



New promotional banner and our brochure for 2013 is up and running! :)

Need to know what services we offer in detail? Simply find out here!

Symphony of Specters - Brochure 2013

+++ Stock Site Uploads +++

Have a good start into the new year with our newest tracks fresh from the oven!

SoS - New Direction
SoS - Epic Trailer Track 01

Site Updates - New Stock Site Uploads

Posted by SoS - January 4th, 2013

Hope you all had a conciliatory year-end closing and survived the massive hangover from the new years celebration. ;)

Have a good start into 2013 it with our newest motivational pop-rock track fresh from the oven!

Symphony of Specters - New Direction

2012 was a very work intensive year for us where we managed to archive more credentials from the industry and the indie game dev. scene alike. Nothing more to add, cept that there are some interesting weeks lie ahead of us. :)

Thanks for all your support in this year and we hope you stick around with us in the future!

2013, here we come!

The Symphony of Specters Team

Happy new ears!

Posted by SoS - November 14th, 2012

JUST KIDDING. Nobody uses myspace.

Ofmg but we has the Twitters and teh Facebook.

In all honesty i dont give a flying fluff about either of these things. I just wanted to make a front page post and I'm justifying it by posting links so my fellow goats dont get mad.

P.S. does our little logo look like a goat to you? A while back in some ng chat on skype someone asked if I was in the goat club. I was like "omg whats the goat club? I wanna bee in the goat cluuub :(" and they were all like "dat logo looks like a goat skull" and i was like "yeah, kinda."

It's suppoooossseedd to be a draagon skull. What do you think, newgrounds? Should we change our name to Symphony of Goats? I'm all for it, personally.


Posted by SoS - August 9th, 2012

Insults, random cowbells, Updates, News, get it all here!

Symphony of Specters @ Facebook

Spread the love! <3

Posted by SoS - June 24th, 2012

+++ News +++


Check out this sweet new project and sprinkle some love on that steak!

Swords of Beef - Teaser

May the cholesterol be with you! :U

Music and Sound by The Symphony of Beef.

To be continued...

Time For Beef!

Posted by SoS - April 23rd, 2012

+++ NEWS +++

We were not too happy with our old homepage...soooo we decided to punch some babys and get a new one done. Still rough on some edges but that will be different in no time!

Tell us what you think about it so far!


In other news...A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS!!! Hhnnnnmm.ppf--..ngaha..yaa....BEEEEEF!!?!=!"?
? BEEEEEEF!!!!! >:U

New site up! Mmmhh..."Beefy!"