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We are a group of NG centric freelance composers! All members have strong capability in their respective crafts, with lots of different styles, we have something for every medium. email or pm us for further details.

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Come to myspace and twitter all over my facebook ;)

Posted by SoS - November 14th, 2012

JUST KIDDING. Nobody uses myspace.

Ofmg but we has the Twitters and teh Facebook.

In all honesty i dont give a flying fluff about either of these things. I just wanted to make a front page post and I'm justifying it by posting links so my fellow goats dont get mad.

P.S. does our little logo look like a goat to you? A while back in some ng chat on skype someone asked if I was in the goat club. I was like "omg whats the goat club? I wanna bee in the goat cluuub :(" and they were all like "dat logo looks like a goat skull" and i was like "yeah, kinda."

It's suppoooossseedd to be a draagon skull. What do you think, newgrounds? Should we change our name to Symphony of Goats? I'm all for it, personally.


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I always thought the logo looked like the skeleton of an eel


I always thought it was a ram skull, or moreso the skeleton of some mythical creature with a ram head, which is potentially cooler than a dragon.

BTW the logo always catches my eye and always looks cool so don't rush to change it.

Pff agreed. Way cooler.

Yeah I still dig it. I think it's pretty funny that everyone sees something else lol

Eeeeeel? I see it now. fff now that's all I'm gonna think about.. Thanks, RH.

I always thought it was a dragon or a satyr (which would make sense being called a goat lolll). You should become Symphony of Goats and embrace the name.

I still like the logo regardless.

The snakey fangs kind of undercut the goat thing for me. That being said, you should *definitely* change your name to Symphony of Goats. Farms animals are in this year. I read it somewhere.

I always thought it looked like a snake, and then I thought, holy cow! It looks like that skeleton thing from starcraft 2!

I admit I actually clicked this because I was worried about the myspace in the title.

I hadn't ever really considered the logo, but now you mention it it looks a bit like the skeleton of a goat.

Might want to update that Twitter link to the regular version rather than mobile: <a href="https://twitter.com/TheSpecters">https://twitter.com/TheSpecters</a>

I was already following, yay!

i really liked the music in visible 3... could you make an audio file for that? id like to download it!