Road of the Dead 2 is out!

2013-08-26 14:13:27 by SoS

You know what to do! ;)

And if you like what you've heard, show some love and support this!

Now where did I put my assault riffle?



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2013-08-26 14:24:22

Awesome game :o

SoS responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!


2013-08-26 15:09:35

congrats on the game and nice composition!

SoS responds:

Glad you like the music! :)


2013-08-27 13:10:56

i really enjoyed the music you guys did for the game it was a succesful project awsome gameplay it deserved more than my 5 stars thanks alot


2014-01-17 07:08:17

i really love the music you make! can i get the soundtrack of "visible III" somewhere? its so awesome...