Entry #30

+++ 10k sales +++

2016-07-06 16:17:12 by SoS


So a few days back, we've reached a huge personal milestone. 10.000 sales on audiojungle! ...Wow. Looking back, when our profile was just created with the idea to give people the opportunity to purchase some of our music for a very affordable price there, we didn't expect that it would turn out like this. Maybe a few sales here and there, sure but not this many. I mean, 10.000 is quite a number.

It's just very pleasing to know and see that our music has helped thousands of projects over the years and still continues to do so...

I hope that his can show and maybe encourage other music authors who are unsure what to do with their music, to get out in the field and try their hardest. If you work hard and got some talent, you WILL be noticed sooner or later!





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2016-07-06 18:22:59

Congratulations on your milestone! I'm sure there will be several more on the way. I remember when you guys started back in 2008. Thanks for continuing to stay involved in NG!


2016-07-07 01:26:05

Well done, and congratulations! I remember when you guys first formed too and it's nice to see you doing great things still!


2016-07-08 00:58:27

Still waiting on my cut